What is Venous Intervention?
Venous intervention describes the minimally invasive technique used to improve or eliminate unsightly or painful varicose veins in the legs. Approximately half of the adult population has some form of vein disease. Contributing factors include heredity, pregnancy, obesity and jobs which require long periods of standing.

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At FES, we utilize state-of-the-art laser technology to permanently oblate incompetent, superficial veins of the legs. In most cases, elimination of these damaged venous channels will also eliminate the large, tortuous varicose veins seen near the skin surface.

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There are basically two dominant venous systems draining the legs, the deep and the superficial channels. The veins in the legs are probably the hardest working vessels in the body. They are required to move the blood pumped down to the feet back up to the heart against gravity. To facilitate that movement, these vessels have well developed valves that permit flow in only one direction – back to the heart. The deep system runs within the tough fibrous capsule of the calf muscles. When the calf is flexed, the vein is compressed which aids the movement of the blood back to the heart. This mechanism is referred to as the calf-vein pump complex and is critical to the normal flow of blood out of the legs.

The superficial system runs in the loose connective tissues beneath the skin and, therefore, does not possess the tough, fibrous support found in the deep system. Therefore, if you have a genetic predisposition or other factor that increases the blood volume to the leg veins, the superficial vessels can dilate up making the valves incompetent and causing blood to flow back through the tortuous varicose channels beneath the skin.

Your first consultation visit to FES will include a thorough physical exam to determine the extent and distribution of varicose disease. You will then receive a Doppler ultrasound to determine if the superficial veins are in fact incompetent and insure that the deep system is patent. The ablation itself is performed @ the FES facility on an outpatient basis and you will be required to wear support stockings for a few weeks after the procedure to insure complete collapse of the varicose veins.



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